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Bikini Care & Washing Tips

Bikini Care Tips

guide for bikini swimsuit care and washing 

Bikini care...
Help your bikini look newer longer

1 To SET COLOR in a new swimsuit, soak it in cool water with 1/4 cup of WHITE VINEGAR for five to ten minutes...rinse and lay flat on a towel (not you, the bikini).

2 Hand wash garments separately using a mild soap,  DO NOT USE BLEACH, as it may fade or stretch the fabric in you swimsuit.

3  DO NOT put your new swimsuit in the dryer.

4  DO NOT wring, rub or soak your swimsuit.

5  Rinse after each use and allow to air dry.

6  Do not dry clean your swimsuit.

7.  Avoid abrasive surfaces which cause snagging and premature wear and damage.  Do not sit or lay-out on the rough cement around a pool, put a towel under you.

8 METALLIC foils and HOLOGRAMS are delicate fabrics.  They can lose their sheen quickly if not cared for.  Special care should be observed when wearing these suits.

thong bikinis tips for bikini care

Modern technology has produced quality stretch fabrics, but color fastness cannot be guaranteed.  Bright colors may eventually fade in sunlight and are more likely to bleed.  CHemicals in pool water, hot tubs, suntan lotions and perspiration are unkind to the fabrics, dyes and elastic fibers.  Please give your new FantasiaWear bikini the love and attention it deserves and it will get the same for you!


-Natalie Larson-
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