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Guide to Buying Your Bikini Top

Bikini Tops Buying Guide

bikini top styles halter underwire triangle 

Bikini Tops...
Which Style Is Right For You?

So many choices, so many options.  Which bikini Top is right for you?  Non-supported or underwire bikini top?  Conservative full coverage underwire bikini top or maximum sun tan micro bikini top?  Whether it's a family bar-b-que by the pool or a "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" weekend, you need options.  Safe to say, one bikini will not fit every occasion.  Let's explore the choices you have in bikini tops.

FUN BIKINI TIP:  Remember that you don't always have to wear your triangle top the traditional way (see photo above)...flip it up-side-down and use the back tie as a halter and then what was the tie behind your neck becomes the tie behind your back !



First decision to make is non-supported top or underwire top?  A non-supported bikini top is more traditional than an underwire bikini top. The non-supported bikini top is available in three basic styles:


black standard bottom bikini, NOT side tie bikini bottompink side tie bikini, side tie bikini bottom




Your second decision is sheer mesh top or the more traditional opaque non-see-through bikini top?  For most people this will be an easy decision.   However, for some of the bold and beautiful, the sheer mesh see-through bikini top offers a provocative option to tease and tan.

red sheer mesh bikini see-through bikiniswhite sheer mesh bikini see-through bikinisorange sheer mesh bikini see through bikinis





 There are basically four (4) different bikini top configurations...

  • Bandeau Top 
  • Triangle Top 
  • Halter Top 
  • Underwire Top 



You have options when it comes to bandeau bikini tops.  No shoulder straps is the most common, but you can also find bandeau tops with shoulder straps and with halter strap, usually conected to the bandeau top between the cups. 

striped bandeau bikini topred bandeau bikini top with shoulder strapsstriped bandeau bikini top with halter 



Triangle bikini tops are the most common bikini top.  The top consists of two triangular pieces of fabric designed to cover the breasts to a varying drgree.  String ties are sewn to the upper point of the triangles to allow the wearer to tie them behind the neck in a halter fashion.  The two cups are lined in soft white fabric.  The two triangle cups can slide in or out on a horizontal string that ties in the back.  This sliding allows one to custom fit cleavage. 

The micro bikini triangle top affords the wearer the most exposure...barely covering the nipples.  From there the triangle cups graduate up to a size eventually large enough to give conservative coverage to a DD-cup.

 pink bikini triangle top green bikini triangle toppink bikini triangle topblack bikini triangle top  



Halter bikini tops have a fabric extension that allows the two halter cups to be tied behind the neck.  Most bikini halter tops slide on a horizontal string that ties in the back...allowing the wearer to customize their cleavage display to their liking.  However, some halter tops are sewn together in the middle and some have extended pieces of fabric that wrap around and tie in back as well as behind the neck. 

 black bikini halter topyellow bikini halter topred bikini halter top  



The underwire bikini top fits much like a traditional bra, but can also come in a halter style.  It consists of two formed cups that each have a U-shaped wire in the lower half of the cup to aid the cup in retaining its shape and give each breast maximum support.  The underwire bikini top gives smaller breasted women the opportunity to accentuate their cleavage more and gives larger breasted women the support they desire. 

 black underwire bikini toporange underwire bikini topstriped underwire bikini top



Tips for Washing Your New Bikini

When washing your bikini, please give it the attention it deserves. Like your lingerie, your bikini should be hand washed in the sink using a mild soap. Please forget about just throwing it into the washer with your jeans. And no dryers either...just hang your bikini up to air dry or place it on a dry towel. Take care of your FantasiaWear bikini and it will give many wonderful sunny memories.


The "LOOK" You Want

Are you going to be the Beach Bunny that all the guys want and all the girls want to be?  Do you just want to look hot on the beach?  Do you want a new look for your next photo shoot?  Or do you want to drive your sweetie wild?  You are the boss of you, you decide what "look" you are wanting to achieve.  The information in this Guide to Buying Bikini Tops should get you to the "look" you want.  Remember, you need multiple bikini styles for the many and varied Summer situations you will encounter.

 different bikini top styles tritop halters underwire bikinis




What is the situation and environment you will most often be displaying your beautiful tan?   Who is your audience?  What are your personal preferences... Color?...Style?...Fabric?   What are your comfort needs...what's more important, form or function?  Going super hot with a sheer mesh micro bikini top for minimal tan lines or going ultra conservative for the church beach's your decision.

You are now supplied with an arsenal of handy bikini consumer information.  It's now up to you...

 bikini top styles triangle bikini tops halter bikini tops underwire bkinis

-Natalie Larson-
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