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BL- Collection Bikini Bottoms, Shorts, Skirts

Click on a "BL-" bikini beachwear picture below to get more information, to see a larger image of the beach wear or to buy the "BL-" bikini style, side tie thong bottom, side tie Brazil bottom, side tie American bottom, sheer skirts, sheer wrap skirts, sheer pareo, micro bikini set, scrunch back bottom and sheer pants...Most "BL-" bikini swimsuit separates and  beachwear below are available in red, white, royal blue, baby blue, nude, coral, chartruse, black, turquoise, lime green, jade green, purple, brown, hot pink, baby pink and orange...

(Remember when choosing bikini separates...if you want the best match of color and fabric, make sure your top and bottom have item numbers that begin with the same letters...match a CR- top with a bottom that also has an item number starting with CR-, match AM- with AM-, match BL- with BL-, etc.)

BL-0030 -CLOSEOUT- Slingshot Suspender Thong
Retail: $18.95 Our Price: $14.00
neon yellow only, Slingshot strap suspen...
BL-115US -CLOSEOUT- American Flag Bikini Bottom Brazil Back
Retail: $29.95 Our Price: $22.92
5/6, 9/10, or 11/12, American flag bikin...
BL-0011 -CLOSEOUT- Lace-up Booty Shorts
Retail: $37.95 Our Price: $28.00
blue, black, Fun booty shorts with lace-...
BL-115TX -CLOSEOUT- Texas Flag Bikini Bottom Brazilian Back
Retail: $31.35 Our Price: $19.92
Texas state flag bikini bottom...
BL-124US -CLOSEOUT- American Flag Skirt
Retail: $28.35 Our Price: $22.92
Sm/Med or Med/Lg, American flag bikini f...
BL-125US -CLOSEOUT- American Flag Bikini Wrap Skirt
Retail: $31.35 Our Price: $24.92
One Size, American flag USA bikini wrap ...
BL-128US -CLOSEOUT- American Flag Shorts Set
Retail: $47.95 Our Price: $39.00
American flag triangle top and cut-out b...

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(Fabrics are similar in the CR Collection , the MC Collection, BL Collection and the RD Collection.  But if you want the closest fabric and color match, you should get your bikini top and bikini bottom are from the same collection...make sure the first letters in the item SKU numbers match)

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