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7 Step Guide to Buying Your Bustier

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Seven Step Guide to Buying A Bustier

Well, its time to buy your first bustier...or, maybe its time to buy a bustier that, this time, actually fits!

Here are seven (7) things you need to consider before you make your new lingerie purchase...

  • Sizing 
  • Straps
  • Boning
  • Color
  • Ease of getting into and out of you new corset
  • Fabric
  • What "look" are you wanting to achieve



You're going to want to consider 3 measurements on you body..

  • Under the Bust
  • Your Waist
  • Your Hips


Cup size does not normally come into play because most bustiers allow the bust a liberal amount of room at the top.  Occasionally, some corsets come with demi-cups, but usually if torso foundation lingerie performs a bra function, it is termed a Bustier.


Get a tape measure and take your measurements...underbust, waist and hips.  It is handy if you calculate the three numbers in both inches and centimeters, depending on where you shop, locally or online.

Now go to the sizing chart of the bustier vendor to check if you are a small, medium, large, X-large, 1X, 2X and so on.  Some bustier sizes are given in the under-the-bust measurement or bra size...such as 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, etc.  Either way, you have your numbers and you have your size.  You are now ready for the next step.



Straps...yes or no?

Used to give a garment (usually a Bustier) support, you might get the choice of shoulder straps or a halter strap.   Shoulder straps usually give you a little more comfort if you are a D-cup or larger.  A halter strap will give the 'girls' more security over the no-strap option and is of some assistance if you are not quite as perky as you used to be.



Boning...yes or no? 

Used to give a garment (usually a Bustier or Corset) support and body contouring.   Once actually constructed of bone, today's Boning is usually plastic strips slipped into sheaths sewn into the garment

Boning allows you to gain more control in how the bustier molds and shapes you.  Many of the fetish bustiers have serious get great control of the 'look", but kiss comfort good-bye.  Most of today's bustiers have plastic boning, making for a wonderful marrige of control and comfort.



You have a number of choices in bustier colors.  In the always-stylish brocade, you will usually find white and black, of course, but also green, red and blue.  The other fabrics will also afford you some similar choices. 

Leather, for the most part, is going to be black, with some rare exceptions in red or white.   Vinyl, again, for the most part, will be black, with a very few styles also available in red vinyl or pink vinyl.



Ease of putting on your new bustier, ease of taking it off (sometimes even more important!)...a few options are available to you. 

  • The serious, fetish bustiers will usually just give you one option...lace it up (and shut-up and like it).
  • The lace-up bustiers for the rest of us, will usually give you a zipper or hook-n-eye alternative after you have adjusted and tied your lacing...that way you don't have to deal with lacing it up every time you wear it, its already done from the last time your wore it. 
  • Some bustiers only have a zipper or hook-n-eye closure, but they usually have an elastic back panel to allow for stretch and comfort of fit.



Lots of choices of fabrics for your new bustier...brocade, lace, charmeuse, polyester, leather, vinyl, sheer mesh and Lycra-Spandex are some of the more popular bustier fabrics.  You will need to consider how you are going to use your new bustier and what "look" you want to achieve. 

If you are looking for a really industrial strength bustier to give you a painfully tiny wasp waist (think leather or vinyl), than you don't want to consider the delicate lace, mesh or the stretchy Lycra-Spandex.  If you want a bustier more for form than function, to wear as a top when you go clubbing, you want to look for a fabric (brocade or charmeuse) that breathes and stretches a little while you are out on the dance floor (leather would probably not be your first choice in this situation, you will look hot but you will also be in sweaty).

Bottom line...what do you want the bustier to do and what is your comfort level?  Pick a fabric that will support your needs.


The "LOOK" You Want

Are you going to be the 'Leather Bitch from Hell'?  Do you just want to look hot on the dance floor?  Do you want a new look for your next photo shoot?  Or do you want to drive your sweetie wild?  You are the boss of you, you decide what "look" you are wanting to achieve.  The information in this Guide to Buying Bustiers should get you to the "look" you want. 



What is the situation and environment you will most often be displaying your beautiful bustiered torso.   Who is your audience?  What are your personal preferences... Color?...Style?...Fabric?   What are your comfort needs...what's more important, form or function?

You are now supplied with an arsenal of handy bustier consumer information.  It's now up to you...go forth and SHOP!

-Natalie Larson-
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