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    Screen Materials
    Screen Frame Bender - Perfect For Making Arched Window and Solar Screens!
    Window Screen and Solar Screen Frame - Ideal for Window Screens, Patio Screens and Solar Screens
    Often when you repair a screen you can reuse the old screen spline. Sometimes you cant because the old screen spline is in poor condition. Screen spline is a available in quite a variety of sizes. The sizes used depend on who the predominant supplier of windows was when most of the houses were built in your area and or who made the frame your using if making a new window screen. The .250 size replaces the 1/4" aluminum spline that was used in houses built in th e fifties and sixties. This size is particularily easy for the do it yourselfer to roll in. Other factors that determine size is the material you are replacing. If for example you are replacing a thin fiberglass insect screen with a thicker material like "pet scree" than you would use at least on size smaller than the current spline. So if your current screen spline measures to a .165 than with pet screen you would use a .150. Just remember that the screen material alone doent determine the proper size spline to use but the channel size and screen material selection do.
    Window Screen Supplies and Accessories
    Screen Tight
    You and your family can now enjoy all of the lifestyle advantages of an attractive, open-air screen porch with a perfect, no-sag fit that can be easily installed in hours. Developed and patented by a remodeling contractor who was convinced there had to be "a better way" to design, install and maintain screen porches, the revolutionary Screen Tight system has proven itself second-to-none among do-it-yourself homeowners, handymen and professional builders alike.
    100% Hidden Fasteners for a clean & professional look, Fast Track is Screen Tights' innovative 2 piece screening system. With unlimited screening configurations possible Fast Track's 1" x 2" self-mating channels available in 8' length, create porch structure elements for easy installation and limitless project creativity. This unique aluminum system allows you to screen from the interior or exterior of your porch using flat spline, in less time.
    This ULTRA low profile screening system with completely hidden fasteners is perfect for higher elevations and various second story applications. MINI Track 3/4" x 3/4" channels and clips work well with any housing style and trend, blending in without obstructions to create a clean, seamless look. MINI Track channels come in 8' length.
    The Screen Tight patented MeshGuard porch screening system provides design flexibility and an open view to the outdoors by eliminating the need for pickets or other visual obstructions in the infill region below porch handrails.
    Modular screen porch framing system made of rigid PVC vinyl and composite fiber additives to withstand extreme wind and weather.
    Two systems in one. The easiest way to convert your screen porch into an enclosed living space for use during 3+ seasons.
    Pool & Patio
    Pool, Patio and Porch Screen is stronger than standard window and door screen, making it the ideal screen for large openings such as screen porches, and patio and pool enclosures. Designed for applicataions where extra strength is desirable
    This vinyl coated fiberglass insect screen is a tightly woven mesh designed to control tiny insects. No-See-Um screen provides air ventilation and some daytime privacy while maintaining visibility.
    Standard Fiberglass
    This standard fiberglass screen is the mesh applied in most window and doors. Easily fabricated, this high-quality standard mesh is the prefered insect screening in the fenestration industry.
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