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RF-18692 Rebel Confederate Flag Side Tie BIkini 2-pc Set


Be tempted to let out a Rebel yell every time you hit the beach in this sexy Confederate flag swimsuit. Show your Rebel pride by wearing your Confederate Flag side tie bikini whenever you're headed to the pool or to the shore.  Confederate flag string bikini 2-piece set includes triangle top and side tie bikini bottom with full coverage back. Featuring the image of the stars and bars flag, this Rebel bikini is made from 100 percent stretchy Lycra.  Order yours today!

Sizes:  S, M, L,
XL-sz.13/14($1 extra),
XXL-sz.15/16($2 extra),
XXXL-sz.17/18($3 extra);

There were several flags of the Confederate States of America used during its existence from 1861 to 1865.   Since the end of the American Civil War, personal and official use of Confederate flags, and of flags derived from these, has continued under some controversy.   The state flags of Mississippi and Georgia are based on Confederate flags. The flag of North Carolina is based on the state's 1861 flag, which dates back to the Confederacy and appears to be based on the first Confederate flag. The flags of Alabama and Florida appear to be of Confederate inspiration. A rectangular variant of the battle flag used by some Confederate Army Units, now called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag", despite its never having historically represented the CSA as a nation, has become a widely recognized symbol of the South.   It is also called the "rebel", or "Dixie" flag, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" (the actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different design).  -Wikipedia-

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RF-18692 Rebel Confederate Flag Side Tie BIkini 2-pc Set
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RF-18692 Rebel Confederate Flag Side Tie BIkini 2-pc Set
Watch out Washington
My girl looks so freaking HOT yummy.
RF-18692 Rebel Confederate Flag Side Tie BIkini 2-pc Set

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