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Bodystocking Defined

A bodystocking is a one-piece article of lingerie that covers the torso, legs and sometimes the arms of the wearer. Similar in texture and look to stockings or pantyhose, a bodystocking is not a unitard, which is worn as an outfit or article of clothing, or a leotard, which is used as a practice garment or performance costume for acrobats, gymnasts and other similar performers. Designed to be revealing, bodystockings are worn by as undergarmets for a belly dancer or as an exotic dancer's costume.

Designed to replace underwear, a bodystocking can be worn with nothing underneath it, though one may chose to wear undergarments underneath it, such as a bra or panties for extra coverage or support. Due to the close-fitting and one-piece aspect of bodystockings, one may have to remove the entire garment in order to use the restroom. Due to the sheer look of a bodystocking, they are generally not worn by itself. Opaque bodystockings are made, which can be worn in replacement of tights and a blouse. Bodystockings also come in lace, fishnet and satin, the latter which may just consist of the top portion of the bodystocking, allowing it to be worn underneath a suitjacket to serve as a blouse. These types of bodystockings are also made sheer, allowing for one to wear a more revealing outfit coupled with sheer coverage for line smoothing.

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