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All Things Texas Flag

waving Texas flag of the lone star state

Click on any Texas flag item picture below to get more information about the Lone Star State product, or to see a larger image, or to purchase the titillating Texas flag clothing.  You will find all things Texas here...including a daring bikini, wrap skirt, booty shorts, mini skirt, thong, halter top, beach towel, comforter, shower curtain, lighter, playing cards, lapel pins, flip flops, mirror sunglasses and more...all with the Texas State flag design.  FantasiaWear also has lots of red, white or blue GoGo boots and pumps...

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RU-888865 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 2-pc. Uniform
Retail: $57.55 Our Price: $47.92
Blouse w/attached vest, shorts, Authenti...
RF-81531 Texas Flag Quilt Comforter Set
Retail: $132.95 Our Price: $98.92
Texas state flag quilt comforter set inc...
RF-3015 Texas Lighter
Retail: $11.95 Our Price: $7.92
Texas -Don't Mess With Texas- Lighter, 3...
RF-818679 Texas Flag One Piece Swimsuit
Retail: $47.75 Our Price: $39.92
S, M, L, XL, XXL, Texas state flag one p...
RF-261578 Bonnie Blue Cap
Retail: $17.75 Our Price: $12.92
Bonnie Blue cotton twill baseball cap 26...
RF-3006 Texas Flag Playing Cards 2-Sets
Retail: $12.95 Our Price: $8.92
Texas state flag playing cards, 2 deck i...
RF-3021 Texas 2 Lapel Pin Set
Retail: $8.95 Our Price: $5.92
Texas two lapel pin set includes Texas f...
RF-800011 Texas Key Ring
Retail: $6.95 Our Price: $4.92
-Don't Mess With Texas- key ring, 800011...
RF-5319 Texas Map Black Cap
Retail: $19.95 Our Price: $12.92
Black colored unisex cap with white TEXA...
RF-760264 Texas Flag Bottle Jacket
Retail: $8.95 Our Price: $6.92
Texas flag neoprene bottle jacket, 76026...
RF-5317 Texas Map Khaki Cap
Retail: $18.95 Our Price: $11.92
Khaki colored unisex cap with red, white...
RF-81541 Texas Men's Swim Trunks
Retail: $33.95 Our Price: $24.92
S, M, L, XL, XXL, Texas flag swim trunks...
AM-G101 Police Mirror SunGlasses
Retail: $11.55 Our Price: $8.92
Mirror Sunglasses, police glasses, race ...
PS-ELECTRA.2030 Stars and Stripes Boots
Retail: $77.25 Our Price: $69.95
5-Inch High Heel Stars and Stripes Knee ...
PS-GOGO.300 Red, White, Blue Go-Go Knee Boots 3" Heel (15 colors)
Retail: $47.95 Our Price: $39.92
Sizes 5 - 15, "Go-Go Boot"†Knee High Boo...
PS-Teeze-22-W CLOSEOUT-Concealed Platform White Peep Toe Pump 5.75" Heel
Retail: $77.75 Our Price: $65.95
Peep toe pump with concealed 1.75 inch p...
PS-Teeze.10G CLOSEOUT-Glitter Pump 5.75" Heel
Retail: $89.75 Our Price: $62.92
Blue, Red, Green, Black, Gold, Silver, P...
PS-Teeze.09-BL CLOSEOUT-Blue Pump 5.75" Heel
Retail: $62.75 Our Price: $47.95
Blue, Red, Black, Baby Pink Satin, Conce...

The Texas flag is known as the Lone Star Flag (giving rise to the state's nickname "The Lone Star State").  This flag was introduced to the Congress of the Republic of Texas on December 28, 1838, by Senator William H. Wharton.  It was adopted on January 25, 1839 as the final national flag of the Republic of Texas.  When Texas became the 28th state of the Union on December 29, 1845, its national flag became the state flag. While the Lone Star remained the de facto state flag, from 1879 until 1933 there was no official state flag. All statutes not explicitly renewed were repealed under the Revised Civil Statutes of 1879, and since the statutes pertaining to the flag were not among those renewed, Texas was formally flagless until the passage of the 1933 Texas Flag Code.  The official Pantone shades for the Texas flag are 193 (red) and 281 (dark blue).  The flag, flown at homes and businesses statewide, is highly popular among Texans and is treated with a great degree of reverence and esteem within Texas.        -Wikipedia-

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