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RF-16652 Mexico Flag Baraja Playing Cards 2-Sets


Muestre su orgullo en su herencia MexicanaMexico flag playing cards (Baraja Espanola) . Sold in pairs of Mexican flag decks, packaged as two (2) decks of baraja cards makes one package for $8.92 total.   (Large box included in purchase of 12 decks of cards)

Colors:  Mexico Baraja only

Sizes:  One Size

The traditional 40-card Spanish baraja is an ancient deck that existed in Spain since between the 14th-16th century. The suits closely resemble those of Italian cards and Latin suited Tarot decks. In fact, the Baraja, like the tarot, are used for both game playing and cartomancy. The Baraja have been widely considered to be part of the occult in many Latin-American countries, yet they continue to be used widely for card games and gambling, especially in Spain. Among other places, the Baraja have appeared in One Hundred Years of Solitude and other Spanish and Latin American literature (e.g., Viaje a la Alcarria by Camilo José Cela). The Baraja is widely used in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America and almost every Spanish family has at least one Baraja. Baraja in the Spanish language can refer to any type of card deck. -Wikipedia

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Retail: $12.95 Our Price: $8.92
Sold in sets of 2 decks of Mexico flag Baraja cards...

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