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Flavored Kissing Lip Gloss

kama sutra lip fetish 3 lip gloss flavors

Click on any Lip Fetish pictures below to get more information.  Rich, shiny kissing flavored gloss that gently plumps the lips with a subtle tingling sensation. Available in an assortment of beautiful shades and irresistible flavors.  Use the applicator wand to apply Lip Fetish to the lips- transforming yourself into an instant goddess! Reapply as often as desired.

  • Gentle tingling sensation that either warms or cools the lips with a subtle plumping effect
  • Leaves lips glistening with moisture and tasting sweet
  • Shiny, smooth formula is never sticky .


Bright fuchsia, perfect color for a night out. Luscious raspberry flavored gloss gently warms the lips.

A beautiful nude shade with a baby-pink tint that subtly enhances your natural lip color. Sweet, creamy mint flavored gloss like mint-chip ice cream, gently cools and tingles the lips.

A warm pink shade that complements any skin tone. Sweet strawberry flavored gloss gently warms the lips 

KS-10207 Strawberry Lip Fetish Kissing Gel
Retail: $20.95 Our Price: $16.92
Strawberry Lip Fetish Kissing gel, Apply...
KS-10206 Mint Lip Fetish Kissing Gel
Retail: $20.95 Our Price: $16.92
Cool Mint Lip Fetish Kissing gel... Kama...
KS-10205 Raspberry Lip Fetish Kissing Gel
Retail: $20.95 Our Price: $16.92
Wild Raspberry Lip Fetish Kissing gel, A...
KS-10299 -CLOSEOUT- Cherry EroStick Kissing Gel
Retail: $19.95 Our Price: $15.92
Kiss Me Cherry EroStick Kissing gel... K...

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