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Men's Leather and Vinyl Clothing

Click on any Men's leather and vinyl clothing pictures below to get more information about the men's underwear, or to see a larger image, or to purchase the sexy male underwear for home or the stage, including leather or vinyl thong, shorts, pouch, shirt, vest, harness and loincloth.

CC-02020 Black Faux Leather Men's Pants
Retail: $57.95 Our Price: $44.92
Red or Black, Men's faux leather 4-pocke...
AL-27-701 Men's Leather Kitl
Retail: $40.95 Our Price: $25.92
Men's black leather kilt thong with plea...
EM-L9992 Leather and Chain Harness
Retail: $78.95 Our Price: $69.92
S, M, L, XL, Black leather and chain adj...
AL-24-606 CLOSEOUT-Men's Leather Chastity Thong
Retail: $27.95 Our Price: $19.92
Men's black leather chastity thong with ...
AL-24-1317 CLOSEOUT-Men's Classic Vinyl Thong
Retail: $18.95 Our Price: $12.92
One Size, Men's black vinyl thong with r...
AL-24-102 CLOSEOUT-Men's Leather Thong with Ring
Retail: $40.95 Our Price: $32.92
Men's black leather thong with ring in f...
EM-L9869 Men's Leather Thong Loincloth
Retail: $92.95 Our Price: $77.00
Sm/Med or Lg/XL, Men's black leather tho...
EM-L9132 Men's Leather Belted Harness
Retail: $62.95 Our Price: $54.92
Men's black leather buckle harness with ...
EM-0243 Men's Fishnet Shorts
Retail: $23.95 Our Price: $16.00
Sm, Med, Lg, XL, Men's black fishnet sho...
EM-L9149 Leather Collar with Chains and O-Ring
Retail: $25.95 Our Price: $17.92
Leather choker collar with chains and O-...
AL-24-4052Z Men's Zeus Wet Look Thong
Retail: $41.95 Our Price: $19.92
This one of a kind men's wet look thong ...
AL-26-1002Z Men's Zeus Wet Look Tank Shirt
Retail: $36.95 Our Price: $19.92
Men's snug-fitting black wet look tank s...

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