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PT-X-GLT-RF Red Glitter Rebel Flag Pasties


Pair of red glitter Rebel flag pasties are 3-inches X 3-inches, Confederate flag nipple coverage is 1.6 inches across...

These pasties use a latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that is safe for skin. Simply peel off the backing, position and stick for instant FUN!  No-mess glitter pleather material that forms to curves and resists wrinkling over hardening nipples.
These pasties are water proof, but they will start to peel away if your skin has any kind of lotion, oil or sunscreen around your nipples.  Apply the sunscreen AFTER you apply your new pasties.

Colors:  Red Glitter

Sizes:  One Size, 3x3

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Lingerie comes in wild prints & cool colors, so why should nipple covers be confined to beige? Plain is perfect sometimes and boring others. Pasties are for the times you want to wear something fun, something funky, something a little sexy.

• Let a little sparkle catch someone’s eye under a slightly sheer shirt.
• Mix and match Pasties with your fave swimsuit and lingerie.
• Wear for nip-slip proof coverage with that super low v-neck dress.
• Let a wild print peek out of a strapless top a la Lady Gaga

Whether your cups are copious or gamine, it’s all about how much flesh you want to flash. Use your cup size as a general reference, and keep your nipple size in mind.

Retail: $13.95 Our Price: $9.92
These Rebel flag glitter pasties look great with one of our Rebel tank tops or bikinis...
PT-X-GLT-RF Red Glitter Rebel Flag Pasties
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Featured reviews:

PT-X-GLT-RF Red Glitter Rebel Flag Pasties
Rebel flag pasties...what were you guys thinking?! What a great idea. Just got mine and love 'em. I'm going to were them with my Rebel booty shorts and hat that I bought here last month. I've never seen a website with so many different Rebel items. I've emailed a few friends about Fantasiawear and they found some Rebel stuff there too. Love shopping here.
PT-X-GLT-RF Red Glitter Rebel Flag Pasties
I have a pair of red glitter star pasties, so I thought I'd give these Rebel flag pasties a shot. They look even better than the picture, so I now got another set. The red glitter background of the stars and bars really sparkles. My BF went crazy! I wore them out on the boat to get more of a tan last summer. Thanks Fantasiawear.
PT-X-GLT-RF Red Glitter Rebel Flag Pasties
Just got my new Rebel flag bikini and Rebel pasties. Shopping was easy and my stuff got here quickly. The pasties are just as cool as the website pic, especially the sparkly red. Can't wait to wear them this weekend. Fantasiawear has a crazy amount of Rebel gear. I'll be back soon.

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