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High Heel Pumps

Click on any sexy high heel pumps pictures below to get more information about the sexy high heel shoes, or to see a larger image, or to purchase the women's high heel pumps.  They are available in wide width, ankle strap, concealed platform, peep toe and more.  High heels range from two inch to six inch. We have this style of footwear in sizes 5 to 17.   You'll find lots of colors like black, blue, red, white, pink, green, tan, cream, gold, animal prints, glitter and rhinestone, too.
(DEFINITION: Pumps are one of the most popular styles of women's shoes, and they're also one of the most difficult to define. In their most basic form, pumps have closed backs, and low-cut fronts that hit closer to the toes than they do the top of the foot. A classic pump has a seamless vamp, and is without laces, buckles, straps or ties, but it's very common to see the classic pump silhouette enhanced by an ankle strap, t-strap, or mary jane strap. Pumps can have open toes, peep toes, pointy toes, round toes, almond toes or square toes, and they can have heels of any height.
HISTORY: There are a few schools of thought as to the derivation of the shoe term PUMP...1)The kind of shoe called a ‘pump’ got its name because in the early days of motor cars all the gas station attendants were female, men being considered unsuitable for the job because they smoked cigars. Anyway, these female pump attendants supposedly all had to wear special shoes called ‘pumps’ that were designed not to slip on oily pavement.  2)It has been suggested that “pump” in this sense is derived from “pomp” meaning “display of splendor and magnificence,” although the “pump” is usually a pretty simple shoe.  3)The “pump” shoe owes its name to the humble mechanical “pump.” The classic “pump” shoe lacks straps or other fasteners, and the key to the shoe staying on one’s foot is its snug fit, rather like the piston of a pump. In fact, back in the 16th century, such pistons in pumps were known as “pump shoes” from their vaguely shoe-like shape. It’s likely that the “pump” shoe took its name, in a 16th century pun, from these close-fitting “pump shoe” pistons.  4)The explanation is tied to events in Bath, England. It refers to a type of flat shoe worn for dancing during the heyday of “taking the waters” at the various spa towns. The room where the spa water was dispensed, and in which, or in adjacent rooms, social events such as dances were held during the season, was commonly called the “pump room(s)” – Hence “pumps” for the shoes which would often have been worn there. (

PS-AMUSE-20 Classic Pumps with 5" Spike Heel 13-colors
Retail: $63.95 Our Price: $48.95
Sizes 5-16, Yellow, Pink, White, Black, ...
PS-EVE-07 Concealed Platform Spectator Pump 5 Inch Heel 3-colors
Retail: $75.50 Our Price: $61.95
Sizes 9-16, Red, White or Cream, Spectat...
PS-BELLA-30 Peep Toe Platform Pump 5.25" Heel 3-colors
Retail: $79.75 Our Price: $66.95
Black Teal or Salmon Pink, Size 5-11, Pe...
PS-CARESS-401 Clear Slipper Shoe 4" Heel
Retail: $50.95 Our Price: $33.95
Sizes 5-13, Clear classic slipper with c...
PS-AMUSE-26 Two-tone Pumps with 5" Spike Heel
Retail: $69.95 Our Price: $54.95
Sizes 5-14, Black and white 2-tone pumps...
PSD-TORMENT-600 Strappy Platform Shoe 5" Heel
Retail: $85.95 Our Price: $66.95
Sizes 6-11, Black vegan leather platform...
PS-AMUSE-22 Pumps with 5" Spike Heel 6-colors
Retail: $63.95 Our Price: $48.95
Sizes 5-16, Black, Red, Nude, White, Pin...
PS-DIVINE-431 Larger Classic 3 Inch Pump with Ankle Strap
Retail: $63.55 Our Price: $48.95
Sizes 9-16, Larger size classic black pu...
PS-Belle-362 Peep Toe Pump Shoe 3-inch Heel 2-colors
Retail: $61.95 Our Price: $47.92
Sizes 5-16, Black peep toe pump shoes wi...
PS-DREAM-425 T-Strap 4 Inch Pump 3-colors
Retail: $65.55 Our Price: $48.95
Sizes 6-17, Red, Black, Large size T-str...
PSX-FAB-422 Larger Size Peep Toe Satin Pumps 2-inch Heels 5-colors
Retail: $73.95 Our Price: $57.95
Sizes 9-16, Black, Pink, White or Red, l...
PS-KIMBERLY-08 Larger Size Classic Wedge Punps 3-inch Heels 2-colors
Retail: $69.95 Our Price: $51.95
Sizes 9-16, Black, large size classic we...
PS-CLASSIQUE-20 Pointed Toe Pumps with 5" Heel 8-colors
Retail: $62.95 Our Price: $46.95
Size 5-16, Red White Pink Nude Black Gol...
PSX-CHLOE-01 Peep Toe Pump 5" Spike Heel 5-colors
Retail: $72.55 Our Price: $55.95
Sizes 9-16, Red, White, Black, Cream, La...
PS-DREAM-431 Large Size Black 4-inch Pump w/Ankle Strap
Retail: $52.85 Our Price: $39.95
Sz 6-17, Larger size 4 inch pumps with a...
PS-DOMINA-460 Oxford Fetish Lace-up Shoe 6" Heel
Retail: $69.75 Our Price: $48.95
Sizes 5-16, Black Oxford lace-up fetish ...
PS-AMUSE-56 Lace Bootie with 5" Spike Heel 2-colors
Retail: $73.95 Our Price: $59.95
Sizes 5-12, Black or ivory, Open toe boo...
PS-Teeze-06 Concealed Platform Pump 5.75" Heel 11-colors
Retail: $73.75 Our Price: $54.92
Red, White, Pink, Black, Cream, Size 6-1...
PS-DREAM-432 Locking Wide Ankle Strap 4 Inch Pumps 3-colors
Retail: $89.55 Our Price: $70.95
Sizes 9-17, Red, Black, Large size wide ...
PS-DIVINE-420 Classic 3 Inch Pump 4-colors
Retail: $62.55 Our Price: $44.95
Sizes 9-16, Black, Red, Cream, Wide widt...
PS-DREAM-420 Large Classic 4 Inch Pump 5-colors
Retail: $65.55 Our Price: $48.95
Sizes 6-17, Red, Pink, Black, Cream, Lar...

SHOE & BOOT ORDERS- Please consider ordering a size slightly larger than your flat shoe size...for shoes, add half a size...for boots, add a full size.  This is just a suggestion from our experience.  Please call 253-927-7766 with sizing questions.  Size chart can be found at 

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